Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hope Scarf Pattern FREE DESIGN

Hope Scarf
(click to enlarge)

All rights reserved for personal, nonprofit use.

**Design note, this scarf was designed as a part of the ongoing Pay It Forward Exchange. Please join us, I know you will LOVE it! We also have a group on Ravelry. Come on, you will have a BLAST, I promise!!**

Hope Scarf pattern is found "here" on Ravelry.

**Design Note, March 24, 2008**

I have created an addendum to Hope Scarf, which will be "Hope Scarf II" for anyone who might want to knit a scarf that is a bit wider. I’ve not yet knit “Hope Scarf II” so there are no pictures, I’m sure the look will be very similar, just a bit wider. Please keep in mind that with the addition of these few extra stitches that the amount of yarn used will vary from that of Hope Scarf. Instructions are the same as those used with Hope Scarf except the addition of 8 stitches.

Happy Knitting & God Bless


Nichole said...

what an awesome pattern - thanks for sharing!

fflynghts said...

Thanks so much for sharing! Really cute! :)

kimberly said...

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