Thursday, October 11, 2012

INK Socks for Women FREE DESIGN

INK Socks
for women

(click to enlarge)

designed by Rebecca Mercier

All rights reserved for personal, nonprofit use. 

I designed and knit these socks for my wonderful tattoo artist, Kim Reed. Please check out her site here Milk Made Art and if you are in Savannah, GA. I HIGHLY recommend that you allow her to work her magic on you or purchase some of her art, both are equally amazing! She can be found Savannah's premiere art gallery and tattoo shop, The Butcher

These socks are knit using toe up construction with an afterthought heel.
Stranding technique is used for the word INK on the cuff, it appears on the front and the back of the sock!
I found an outstanding video that helps with locking the floats that happen with this design, the video is found  
here, please watch it, it's very helpful!

The INK Socks pattern is found here  on Ravelry.
Have fun, show the world that you are proud of your INK!

(click to enlarge)


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James Kaufman, Editor said...

Thanks for the links and a marvelous design, Becka! You made a gorgeous post by this. INK style is really very trend like and modern. Certain lines make it outstanding.

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