Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hearts of Faith Scarf

Hearts of Faith Scarf
Photo Courtesy of SWTC
(click to enlarge)

I am happy and honored to tell you that "Hearts of Faith Scarf" design
is now available from the one and only SWTC
and is found here on Ravelry, a button click away!

This scarf was knit with one of SWTC's newest yarns, Tranquility, 70% of the finest wool & 30% of lush bamboo - an extaordinary mixture and an absolute pleasure to knit with!

Happy Knitting and God Bless!


Anonymous said...

ooh wow. The hearts on the scarf are so so pretty! I love how it looks all done in one color...I'm thinking of trying it in red...Lovely pattern!

Becka said...

I would love to see your scarf in red, it's going to be very lovely!!

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