Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mock Around the Clock Men's Socks pattern FREE DESIGN

Mock Around the Clock Men's Socks
(click to enlarge)

All rights reserved for personal, nonprofit use.

The Mock Around the Clock Men's Socks pattern can be found "here" on Ravelry.

Happy Knitting and God Bless!



I was wondering if you could post the dimensions, esp around instep.
This sock looks really great for my dh but he has a wide foot.
many thanks,
grace who loves your site!!

Becka said...

Thanks for your kind comment! I emailed you info about the sock and sizing up if need be. Thanks so much for stopping by I'm very honored! Please email me if I can be of any help!

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healthcare said...

I like the design of your socks...keep posting with different design

Anonymous said...

Elite custom customized tube crew socks for men women and kids. Cool colorfull funky funny vintage designs for every one mens socks

Unknown said...

I've knitted socks using all three needle types but enjoy magic loop or the little circulars most. I do like knitting two socks at a time so they are a pair all finished when done, no second sock syndrome. But the little needles are fun to use also. I attempted to make a pair of socks a month last year but got waylaid by a diagnosis of colon cancer which was successfully removed, no chemo necessary, but set me back for a while. slippers for women

Unknown said...

wow Nice socks. I like its color.
Pattern Socks looks good...
nice product

Anonymous said...

clients can easily download a template that they can fill out for manufacturers. This makes the process go a lot smoother. Next time you are trying to create new sock designs, download a free custom sock design template. The extra steps that this process takes will be more than worth your time when you see the quality product that you receive. This solves your problems that can occur due to downtime if the designs are not to your expectations. make your own sock design

Unknown said...

the little needles are fun to use also. I attempted to make a pair of socks a month last year but got waylaid by a diagnosis of colon cancer which was successfully removed, no chemo necessary, but set me back for a while.

George C Hadambu said...

the little needles are fun to use also. I attempted to make a pair of socks a month last year but got waylaid by a diagnosis of colon cancer which was successfully removed, no chemo necessary, but set me back for a while.

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