Monday, July 11, 2005


The free pattern for my Loopy Socks is found here on Ravelry. This pattern was once featured on the KnitPicks site, but is no longer, although I'm very thankful that KnitPicks published my first design!

Copyright 2005 designed by Rebecca Mercier


When I wrote this pattern I had been knitting for less than 6 months, knitting socks for approximately 2 months therefore I would like to add a helpful tip or 2 to the pattern:

1st of all, this change is taking place on the last “knit” round prior to turning sock inside out. The pattern reads in this place, “Knit 1 rnd.” Then the instructions for turning sock inside out. Okay, the change is as follows: do not knit this round, PURL it. This will make a smoother fold. Purl to the last stitch, W&T (bring working yarn to front, slip the last st to the right needle without working it, bring yarn to the back and slip the stitch back to the left needle). The W&T will correct the orientation of the stitching. *On the next round when you get to the wrapped stitch you are to purl the wrap and stitch together to prevent a hole. Simply slip your needle under the wrap, slip the wrap up & onto the left needle & purl it together with the purl st. as if you are doing a p2tog. 

Check it out, my original Loopies! They didn't take long to knit at all, I finished them June 7, 2005, I LOVE to wear these socks! They are so comfy and people always ask me about them...actually, more than any of my other handknit socks.
And here we have the KnitPicks Loopies before they left my house and headed to KP: I have a few ideas about updating the Loopies, so stay tuned!



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Roxy C.408B said...

I use size 0 needles how would I adult the gauge or cast on I wear a size 9.5 sock

Unknown said...

The curved ridges here are a simple combination of knit and purl rounds, and the slipper is constructed like a simple top-down sock, but at a lovely quick gauge for fast knitting.

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hoxn123 said...

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