Saturday, November 18, 2006

Lonnie's Sport Socks FREE DESIGN

Lonnie's Sport Socks
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**Design note**I'm ashamed to say that as much as I love to knit socks, I'd not knit My Man a pair of socks until recently, he loves them so much that I've caught him washing and wearing them several times a week! I thought that I should both design and knit these socks for him! This is a simple 4 st/4 row slip st pattern, the legs are short (3.5"), should you want a longer leg I highly recommend getting another 50 gr. ball of yarn.

The pattern for Lonnie's Sport Socks is found "here" on Ravelry.


shannon said...

Lovely looking pattern. I'm casting on tonight to do some socks for my boyfriend for Xmas! His foot is much smaller than the size you've indicated so hopefully I can figure out how to resize it appropriately! Your other patterns are lovely too and I hope to knit myself the A touch of whimsy scarf.

Becka said...

Shannon (my daughter's name!) I hope you check here again and see this: if you email me I will try to walk you through resizing, it's not difficult.
Thank you for the honor of choosing to knit my designs, I'm thrilled....remember, I'd love photos!

Kate said...

I love how you link the cast-on & bind-off instructions in your patterns! Seriously - LOVE it! I did not know there were multiple ways to bind off.

Dave said...

I love these socks -- thanks so much for sharing the pattern!

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Faiz Ismail said...

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