Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rhythm Man Socks Pattern FREE DESIGN

Rhythm Man Socks
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All rights reserved for personal, nonprofit use.

I designed and knit these socks for my husband, the muscian (rhythm guitar player), and for all of my fellow knitters who enjoy knitting for the men in their lives!

The pattern is found "here" on Ravelry.

Happpy Knitting and God Bless!!


Anonymous said...

I have a question about this pattern: In the section labeled "Stitch Pattern for Instep", whenever you have a sl 1 wyif, that is the same as a yarn over. However, there is no corresponding knit 2 together or PSSO, so the instep keeps on increasing in stitch number every time you knot one of these rows. Shouldn't there be a reduction built into these rows somewhere so that you still have 36 instep stitches when you get to the heel? I am going to put in a PSSO after the sl 1 wyif, ki\1 on rounds 1 and 3. I hope I am interpreting this correctly. I would appreciate any input from the designer or anyone else who has tried this pattern. Thanks! Paula

Becka said...

Hey Paula, sorry I don't have a way to get in touch with you, I hope you stop by again soon!
Okay, slip 1 with yarn in front isn't a yarn over...rather you slip the stitch from the left needle to the right needle while holding the working yarn in the front of the stitch, then you move the working yarn back to the back of your knitting to prepare for and knit the next stitch...this will create the slipped stitch pattern.
Please, please email me if I can be of any more assistance, my email is on the sidebar.
I hope this was helpful!
God Bless

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Becka! I will try it the way you suggest. I had done other slip stitch patterns before in afghans, for instance, but never saw one where you wrapped the working yarn around the slipped stitch. Interesting. I can't wait to see how it looks. I hope you keep on designing men's socks! BTW, my email is

Becka said...

I'll email you Paula.
slip 1 stitch with yarn in front:
You don't wrap the working yarn around the stitch, rather you hold the working yarn to the front of the stitch and without wrapping the yarn (don't do anything, just hold it to the front of your work), you slip the stitch from the left hand needle to the right hand needle, then you reposition the yarn to the back (for knitting) and knit the next stitch. I'll look around for a video, that is always easier to me!

Becka said...

Okay, I found a video that shows slipping a stitch with the yarn in front....this is done on the purl side in this video, BUT it's done the exact same way in this pattern, but done more with knit stitches.
The video is: "here". I hope this is helpful, please email me if I can be of further assistance.

Anonymous said...

If I am reading the stitch pattern correctly, Round 1 would need to have 49 stitches. Should Round 1 read the same as Round 3? Then you would have a 2 round pattern repeat. Please advise. thanks, jb

Becka said...

my sincere apologies. I see the mistake. the pattern is being corrected and the corrected version uploaded now.
The leg stitch pattern is the same as that on the instep, simply knit the instep st. pattern on both the front and back of the sock leg.
I do apologize, sometimes it doesn't matter the number of eyes that look at a pattern or the number of times it's looked at, sometimes these things are overlooked.
For the record, the pattern was incorrect on round one of the Sock Leg in the parenthesis, which read (k1, sl 1 wyif, k1) the correction is: (k1, sl 1 wyif).
As for your question, asking if Round 1 of the Sock leg pattern should read the same as Round 3, the answer is no, they are different, as is written, this pattern is creating the slipped stitch effect in the overall pattern.
Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention and I'm correcting it now!!
God Bless

Becka said...

Pattern corrected and uploaded.
Thanks, again, jb!

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Janet said...

I am having difficulty increasing the heel stitches. Which stitch gets wrapped? From the directions it sounds like you purl the first wrapped stitch and then wrap the next. Is that correct? I seem to be getting holes so I'm not sure I am doing it correctly.

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