Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Big Boss Man Socks Pattern FREE DESIGN

Big Boss Man Socks
(click to enlarge)

All rights reserved for personal, nonprofit use.

These socks are such fun to knit! A great gift for the man in your life! As with all mens socks, I designed and knit these for my sweet hubby! He told me yesterday that these are his fave thus far - a wonderful endorsement!
These socks have a different design on both the front and the back - get ready for lots of socknitting fun!

The pattern is found "here" on Ravelry. This pattern (as well as my few several designs) has both written directions and charts - knitter's choice!

Happy Knitting and God Bless!


KellyK said...

Becka... these are GORGEOUS! Im so proud of you!

Becka said...

Thanks, KK...you are TOO SWEET!

Anonymous said...

Those are great looking! I haven't looked at your blog in too long, took me a few to catch up, haha. Hope you're doing well.

Anonymous said...

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Kathleen said...

Not sure how tho e-mail you a picture of the "Guitar Man" socks that I knit but you can find them on my blog at http://tincantextiles.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

I love these socks! I can't wait to knit them! I'm having a hard time downloading the pdf, though. Can you help?
mari_ickes at yahoo.com


Becka said...

Sorry, MariGayle, didn't see your post till today (june 1). If you're having trouble downloading the pdf then might I suggest updating your adobe reader, i know there's a relatively new one available now.
thanks so much for your interest!!

Jennifer Bogut said...

I have been searching for men's long socks for my husband - these will be awesome! Thanks so much and God bless!!

Becka said...

Glad you like them :-) These are my hubby's favorite fit!

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