Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shannon's Slippers FREE DESIGN

Shannon's Slippers
(click to enlarge)
All rights reserved for personal, nonprofit use.

A fun, quick knit!
Slippers are cute and perfect for the office, home, anywhere you'd like to slip your feet into luxurious comfort!
AND the bit of sparkle from SWTC's Little Star yarn gives these slippers a wink at glitz and glam!
Along with a little floral embellishment...perfect for the girly girl (like my daughter Shannon, for whom these were designed!).

Shannon's Slippers pattern is found "here" on Ravelry..
God Bless and Happy Knitting!


Laurel said...

These slippers are SO CUTE! And I have a full skein and a little left over from making my socks out of some Kaffe Fassett Design Line. Thanks for a cute pattern!

Becka said...

THANKS for your kind words, Laurel!
you are certainly welcome for the pattern, happy to share :-)
God Bless and Happy Knitting!

Mariejo said...

I love them, but I dread the english pattern, so I won't knit them. But anyway, they are really nice to look at.

Becka said...

thanks for your kind words, Mariejo! I'm honored that you like the slippers, so sorry that they aren't in your language...although I do understand what you mean, i feel the same way about patterns in languages that I'm not familiar with!

Anonymous said...

Your link to the pattern is not working properly. I love the slippers and wanted to try knitting them but I cant seem to acess your patern.

Lynnie said...

Hi, Becka. These slippers are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for my feet. I have fibromyalgia and some of my major pain seems to be set in my feet. Your slippers cover the parts of my feet that need to be kept covered, but the slipper is light. It was just want I was looking for.

Also, If I may add this comment to those who find patterns in languages they don't know. what I do is use a free online translator that translates the whole webpage. I use Then I go to (lots of patterns there) pick my language, which is US English. Then go to the top tab and hover over tips and help and then look on the list for DROPS dictionary. You may have to play around with it. But there are about 15 languages there with lots and lots of knitting and crocheting terms there. The regular translators don't translate knitting and crocheting terms very well. So I found this to be the best list online I could find to help translate patterns in other languages. The google translator can be set to detect language if you don't recognize the language and it will figure it out for you.

Once again. Thank you so much for this pattern. It not only meets my needs but it is so beautiful. God bless you!


Becka said...

Thanks for your kind words, everyone! Anonymous, if the pattern didn't download you probably need to update your adobe reader...they issue updates all the time, it seems, and if you don't have the current update pdf links won't load.
Carol, I am so happy you found these slippers comfy! I understand dealing with pain, I've been a chronic pain suffer for well over 20 years...the fact that these helped you made my day!

Anonymous said...

These look so comfy! I will try to make them. even though i am 12, I think I can do it!

Becka said...

Thanks, Anonymous! Knit the foot till your ankle bone, then begin the heel...should fit fine ;-)

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