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Flower Power washcloth patterns FREE DESIGNS

Flower Power Washcloth Patterns

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3 designs
Flower Power Washcloth
Swirly Flower Power
Flower Power with raglan decreases

Flower Power washcloth patterns are found "here" on Ravelry.

Here are some photos (click to enlarge) that may help with the pattern:
This is a photo of the petals before I added another cirular needle and joined to knit in the round.

Here the sts have been divided onto 2 circs before joining in the round.

Knitting in the yarn from the petals on 1st round of circular knitting.

3 Flower Power Design Photos:

Flower Power



**Aug. 30, 2007 Designer's Note**
Those of you who know me and have read my patterns know that I do give credit where credit is due and would like to do so here! Last year I saw FOs online of beautiful floral cloths and didn't know where they came from! I then discovered that they were in a book (I'm sorry I don't remember the name of it) and my husband looked for the book (he was looking because it was during one of my times of mandatory bedrest due to my disability..he is the best husband ever!) and couldn't find it. So, I sat down with needles and yarn and began to play around with different ways to come up with a flower! Had my personal blog not crashed last year you would have seen photos of some of the prototypes, LOL! I've just recently (on Ravelry) found out that the person that designed that cloth that I saw FOs of online is Cindy Taylor and I would like to let all of you know that my inspiration for these cloths came from her design...which, by the way, I've never seen her pattern and would not look at if I had the opportunity because I don't want to know how her cloth is done nor would I want someone to think that I came up with these designs based on anything other than photos that I had seen. I am very honest and researched copyright, etc to make sure that it was okay that I post my designs of a similar object and everything that I read stated that I was okay in posting these designs. When I discovered Cindy's name I emailed her, but have not heard back yet so I decided to post this. Thank You, Becka**

**Sept. 13, 2007**
I'm so happy to say that I heard from the too sweet Cindy on Sept 6 and she told me that I certainly didn't need to credit her in any way, that these were my stitches. How very sweet and kind of her to say!
But, it's as I told her, she did inspire me and I want everyone to know that she did so! Thanks, Cindy!

Happy Knitting and God Bless my Knitty Friends!


car34 said...

We were supposed to start this for the KAL and I have a question.
Could you refresh my memory on what the term "ml" means in beginning of the directions. Thanks

Becka said...

Hello Carolyn, I would be happy to help you. M1 is make one, an increase stitch, you can see a video describing the technique here, I used the M1 front.

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE The Cloth.. So CUTE !!!


Becka said...

Hey Jennyfer, sorry, but Blogger won't allow me to get to your blog, so hopefully you will pop back here!
I wash and dry my cloths all the time! There may have been a tiny bit of shrinkage, but not much and they retained shape, too. I would say that you can use any cotton yarn that you like, I especially liked the Blue Sky cotton for my face cloth because of it's softness and it's absorbent, too. I've chatted with other knitters who used Sugar N Cream yarn and cotton blend yarns, too.
Please let me know what you decide to do, I would love to see your cloth should you decide to knit one! Thanks for stopping by!
Becka from WK Designs

Jane's Designs said...

Your washcloth is soooo cute. I'm going to have to make one.

Knitcrazy said...

OK.. I am Back Again..
I have decided that I want to make your Flower BIGGER into a bedside rug for My Grandaughter... I will probably use a worsted weight cotton and do the center in a yellow ....Now I have to figure how many stitches to make each petal... :)
If anyone else is going to do this too.. Please chat with me about it :)


Unknown said...

Hi, my name is Cora.

I love the design. I was wondering if I could use your design for a KAL at I am the list owner.


PS email me at

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this.

J said...

I want to say thank you. We just finished our Relay for Life event and our team name and theme is Knit and Fit--I am already looking for ideas for next year. I might consider it a "green" year--knitting requires no electricity and knitted cloths are recyclable and great exfoliants.
And I also have my mothers fiesta ware--fun summer outdoor supper ware.
Again, thank you.

Beth said...

I LOVE this pattern! I've made a million and people love them! I make the petals in a solid color that exactly matches the color that I use for the inside, I use a blended skein for the inner circle...Love it!

singapore florist said...

wow, this is super!

Naniluce said...

Thanks for your tutos! I'm not sure that I'll be able to do it but I'll give it a try, it's so kute! Thanks.

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