Saturday, May 27, 2006

Leaves of Whimsy socks pattern FREE DESIGN

Copyright 2006 designed by
Rebecca Mercier

Leaves of Whimsy sock pattern is found "here" on Ravelry.



muriqui said...

very cute socks!

(syndactylus from KH)

Ann-Marie MacKay said...

i am making your leaves of whimsy socks for my sockapalooooza pal.
i'm not blogging pictures yet, but i will send you one when i finish.
i too, have a sock pattern in the calendar--the I Dreamed of Africa Socks.

Yours are awesome--and I didn't realize that you had 9 patterns in it--so I'm going to check them out too!

Drowngoldfish said...

I received the calendar for christmas.. and i have the whole leg of the leaves of whimsy sock done.. but i seem to have lost the first page of the pattern. I was just wondering if you could possibly email me a copy of the first page.

Drowngoldfish said...

p.s. I tried to buy it but it seems that the store that the pattern is on is closed until the middle of March.

Anonymous said...

The link for My Leaves of Whimsy sock pattern at DivaKnitting is broken. Is the pattern available elsewhere?

Becka said...

Savannagal, so sorry that I didn't see your post earlier! I tried to find you, but can't. Please, please email me, my email is in the sidebar if you need me anytime! I do hope that you see this!

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